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A Performative Elegy to the American Shopping Mall (2021)

Created by mike durkin, Dylan Gygax, and Logan Gabrielle Schulman

With Voice Performances by Courtney Cooke, Vanessa Ogbuehi, and Steven Wright

Shopping malls hold a strong place in American culture as well as personal culture.  Mallbodies, is a soundwalk performance dedicated to our experience and memory of the American shopping mall.  This project is designed to be listened to by individual audience members exploring a shopping mall of their choosing.  Mallbodies explores the origins of the shopping mall, our attraction to, our memories, and exploring how malls function today and in the future.  Mallbodies is performed alone with audiences of one streaming the series of tracks on a playlist sent to audience members and can be played anytime.    


Mallbodies is a self-guided experience that lasts a little over an hour, though you may decide to pause the audio at times and spend more time in certain locations.  Mallbodies requires a smart device to play the project as well as headphones or other listening devices.  Proper footwear is recommended and carrying water would be helpful.





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This Is Where We Cross The Street (2020)

A Meditative Soundwalk

Created by mike durkin

Music by Adam Vidiksis

Directions Read by Rachel O’Hanlon Rodriguez

Launching during the FreeFringe Philly on September 8th, 2020



[Long pause]

We are going to go on a short trip together.  

[Longer pause]

Me and You.  Me, being your guide.  You...being you. 


Stopping.  Pausing.  Breathing.  Going outside.  Walking.  Crossing the street.  All tasks that have a vast amount of new circumstances.  This Is Where We Cross The Street is a mobile soundwalk inviting listeners to stop, slow down, and consider these new circumstances.  Inspired by slow movement and embracing a radically analog way of thinking. Every moment is important, every action has dire consequences, and how do we respond to these new circumstances?  

The production team includes creation by community-based artist Mike Durkin, Artistic Director of The Renegade Company.  Music by electro-acoustic sound artist Adam Vidiksis.  Directions read by actor and poet, Rachel O’Hanlon Rodriguez.


Written in Staten Island, NY

Recorded in Philadelphia, PA

Edited and Designed in Wilmington, DE

For The Full Project:

And Companion Piece:

This is Where We Open The Cabinets

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